Keep x Rule of Three

We've had the pleasure of partnering with so many amazing musicians and artists over the past decade, but our project with Paige Cleveland and her Rule of Three Studio has embodied the spirit of collaboration to another level. The mastery of Rule of Three's textile craft is astounding, and we've long been fascinated by the mesmerizing process of marbling.  At once elegant and almost psychedelic, the art of floating ink has been practiced through the centuries and shows the true beauty of natural, sacred geometry.   

We're so pleased to be able to present these absolutely unique shoes for a limited time and in limited edition.  The process for creating this footwear is comprised of many stages.  First, the shoes are constructed, an entire work unto itself.  Then we wash and prepare the shoes for marbling, treating each with alum and allowing them to dry.  Next, the soles are taped and protected.  Once at the studio, every single shoe is dipped individually into the marbling tank, with a freshly laid pattern of ink.  Time is of the essence, and every person's hands -- from the artisans who placed the color to those who rolled and dipped the shoes -- left their mark, creating a truly unique expression on every single shoe.  Each pair therefore differs, and each shoe is one-of-a-kind.  The shoes are then carefully washed, cured and heat set, before being finished and re-packaged.  Every single person’s role contributed in a vital way that is inextricably linked to the artistry of the whole.

It takes a village and we loved every single moment of it.  Our debut colorway is the high contrast Hunter's Moon, featuring five shades of whites and greys and blacks.   We are also offering two tonal shades for pre-order, to be shipped in mid-December for the holidays.  Pre-order period ends December 1.

Please note, these incredible pieces are meant to be worn.  Break them in, wear them out, and imprint your own presence on the pattern. 

Photos courtesy of Katherine Sheehan.

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