BOO PENDANT 20" Necklace

$ 180.00

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Designed as a gift for your lil' boo, this charming ghost is hand cast in two different metals.

The Bronze Boo features Black Spinel eyes.  Long associated with love, spinels help place ego aside in devotion to another person.  Thought to encourage passion and longevity, Black Spinels in particular are protective stones, assisting in strengthening relationships and easing sadness.  The chain is 1.3 mm thick.

The Sterling Silver Boo features Garnet eyes.  A sensual, intense stone, Garnet grounds the spirit within the physical plane, while fostering creative, loving energy.  It represents the primordial, purifying creative power of fire, and the birth of the world from the Great Mystery. The sterling silver chain is 1.5 mm thick.

A perfect, thoughtful and powerful gift, this pendant comes on a 20" chain.

This project marks our first collaboration with fellow Los Angeles based designer, Larisa Laivins who creates heirlooms for the next generation.  Larisa's reinvention of classic shapes and her mix of traditional and non-traditional stones were a perfect medium for a collaborative project, resulting in this charming, otherworldly keepsake.

Immortal Beloved