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We've teamed up with one of our favorite indie bands to bring you the Keep x Real Estate indigo Ramos.  Featuring a natural gum cup sole and a hand-dyed midtop upper, this shoe melds tactile handicraft with the modern shoe making process. Utilizing a traditional technique, each piece of fabric has been tied by craftsmen in Rajasthan, India, then dyed in natural indigo vats to create circular patterns, resulting in a unique motif on every shoe.  Net proceeds will benefit the American Civil Liberties Union.

Each pair will ship with a previously unreleased track in cassingle format.

Says Alex Bleeker, bassist and vocalist for Real Estate, “I’ve worn Keep shoes for years, and I wanted to collaborate with Keep so I could wear something that I love that was produced ethically. Shibori dyeing appeals to me particularly because it’s a centuries old technique of natural dyeing that simultaneously conjures our more recent associations with ‘tie-dye’. As a huge fan of the Grateful Dead, tie dyeing will always appeal to me. In addition, net proceeds of this project will benefit the ACLU. Real Estate believes firmly in the protection of Americans’ civil liberties and we wholeheartedly support the ACLU, one of our country’s most vital organizations, and their tireless work in these troubling times.”

Estimated ship date for this shoe is August 2017.  

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