About Us

Launched in the summer of 2006, Keep came into being through the solid combination of timing, auspicious zodiacal forecasts and the deep desire to make classic, clean shoes without the bulk and bother of other brands. Keep is a shoe company, an apparel company, a maker of objects, a curator of curiosities, an amalgam of interests, a way of being, a force, a language, a family and many other things. We aim to keep things personal. We pay attention to the details. We try to keep things simple and pure.

Often we are asked, why are you called Keep? For us, KEEP is an incantation, a reminder, an invocation, a call to battle. The power and meaning of this word encompasses some of our most treasured values and notions. We believe that what and who you choose to keep near you defines you, and what you keep persisting with is a reflection of your character. We believe that earning your keep entails taking responsibility for your own existence, and we celebrate the challenges that come with making and doing.

At the end of the day, we know that it's not the holey shoes or the beat up laces that will endure. What keeps are the things you remember doing when wearing our shoes or clothes, the memories you have of your wanderings, the feelings you've experienced along the way. As you travel your unique path, we want to be the well-worn shoes on your restless feet, the thread bare shirt on your back, the lucky charm in your pocket. We thank you in advance for taking us with you.