We've known Chef Alvin Cailan from our days back on Fairfax Avenue.  We've shared employees; we still share friends.  Making our first non-slip kitchen shoe with him was a natural partnership, and our non slips were tested rigorously (and with wicked humor) by his crew.  (Sorry for all the mop water being thrown.)  Alvin is one of the realest and most down people we know.  Often the word "community" is thrown out lightly, but we can truly say that Alvin Cailan is one of the pillars of our community, holding up his corner of the world so that others can shine, all on a very full stomach. 

Watch above to hear about his Halo Halo story, and see how his version (which happens to be vegan) comes together.  Instead of flan, he uses silken tofu for texture and coconut milk to give the entire dish that tropical taste of home.  If you're in New York, stop by Alvin's latest venture, The Usual.

Shot and Edited by Jimmie Armentrout III.  Titles by Alina Petrichyn.