Chef JT Vuong shows us the process for making misozuke tofu, pressing and fermenting the soy after wrapping it with barley miso.  This results in a unique, robust flavor while the tofu itself takes on a soft, creamy, cheese-like texture, becoming the base for his Shira Ae dressing.  The perfect summer fare, JT's Shira Ae pairs the misozuke tofu with green chickpeas, garlic mustard, sesame seeds and lemon zest.

Next time you're in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, stop by Okonomi, where JT has been head chef for several years.  This intimate Japanese restaurant focuses on the Mottainai philosophy, where waste is kept to a minimum and respect for ingredients is paramount.

Shot and Edited by Jimmie Armentrout III.  Titles by Alina Petrichyn. Shop Chef JT's non-slip kitchen Homers here!