Spotlight: Keep x Abby Portner

Keep X Abby Portner: Limited Edition Wanderings Into Dreamland

Many of you know Abby Portner for her artwork for the band Animal Collective, or the work she's done for companies such as Alien Workshop, Jim Henson Studios, FYF, Coachella and many more. Whether taking the form of set design, paintings, illustrations, or stop motion video, her artwork has a fanciful quality to it, tinged by darkness, like taking the best part of a fairy tale, giving the creatures on the outskirts their chance to take center stage.

We've known Abby for twenty years, and for almost a decade she's been making artwork for Keep, occasionally modeling for our social media, and always, always getting into trouble with us. This collaboration is uniquely personal; because of our long time friendship and our close proximity, we're able to make things that are a reflection of one of our loopy adventures, journeying into a dimension full of oddball playfulness, laughter, and love. We're so happy to be able to make things, together, for you.

Keep Dreaming

You've done so many amazing projects over the years, and we know how stoked you were to work with a legend like John Cale. Even so, a fundamental trait of people who love to make things is that they always keep dreaming. What's a dream project or object or experience you'd still love to create?

Keep Good Company

You're a part of our family, and as you know, we make sure to surround ourselves with good people and good energy. Every day we're awed and inspired by our friends and family, and count our blessings that we get to spend our lives knowing them. Who are some of your favorite people and what do you love about them?

Earn Your Keep

Taking responsibility for the energy of your life and persisting despite constant challenges is a way of being for Keep. What's one piece of advice you would give to a young creative?

What Keeps

The thought of people going on adventures in our shoes or clothing, whether it's starting bands or traveling to another country or writing a story, is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things about why we do Keep. We know that it's not the physical object that endures; it's the memories you make and the feelings you feel when wearing our goods that keep. Can you tell us a lasting memory, moment, or experience -- good or bad -- that has stuck with you over the years?