Perfect Rice with Chef Alvin Cailan

In celebration of the release of Chef Alvin Cailan's cookbook Amboy: Recipes from the Filipino-American Dream, we've produced a limited edition colorway of our best-selling non-slip Shaheen in a rich Amboy blue. We've known Alvin since his first foodtruck posted up outside our Fairfax shop, and we've shared employees, friends, and support over many years. Alvin's gift isn't just culinary, it's his natural ability to create community, advocate for his peers, and celebrate the rich, diverse culture of this country.

We recently caught up with Alvin and filmed him making the most fundamental staple of Filipino (and many other Asian countries') cuisine.  Often it's the basic components that we take for granted, yet the perfect rice sets the tone for the rest of the dish.  Watch above to see Alvin's process for making a great bowl of rice every single time.  Pro tips:  if you added too much water, you can always keep boiling and make it into a congee/jook/arroz caldo type of porridge, and if you added too little water and it's come out dry, refrigerate it then turn it into fried rice.  

We are so proud to be the provider of non-slips for the team at Amboy and other restaurants around the world. If you are a business who is interested in non-slips for your team, click here to learn more about our Uniform Program. 

Shop Alvin's non-slip Shaheens here!

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